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Patient care and improving patient lives must be the only true measure of medicine. Each year, access to medicine for many Americans are becoming increasingly more restricted and, physician’s freedom to select treatment options or medications for their patients are further controlled by the reimbursement of such services and product.

On the other hand, the flow of capital into research labs is becoming highly selective of programs that may provide higher returns on investment, leaving many inflicted patients without hope of promising treatments in the future.

This platform engages physicians, patients, scientists and businesses together to improve the development and commercialization trajectory for medicine and patient care in general.

medical forumWe may not expect the best changes in healthcare to come from Washington but they will be driven by communities of patients, scientists, healthcare professionals, bankers and business people who have profound impact on the discovery, development, approval and use of medicine.  Medicine is the landscape of the educated who utilizes the best of science to improve lives. An inefficient and fragmented healthcare system lacking the proper knowledge and compassion for the sick will remove doctors as the ultimate decision makers in caring for their patients and restrict treatment options solely based on measures of cost and profitability and not their science and outcome.  In practicing medicine, we must strive to find a better balance between patient outcome and treatment cost.  But, we must always practice compassion and be committed to heal the sick even if the cure is far from possible.

Progress in medicine is slowed down in part due to factors involving the highly selective and bias flow of dollars into research labs and startups, restrictive reimbursement policies for new drugs and devices and lastly, the highly restrictive and inefficient regulations overseeing the approval process for both new drugs and devices.  Our mission is to bring the communities of doctors, healthcare professional, patients, businesses and scientists together to resolve these issues and ultimately save and improve  more lives.

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Hoji Alimi
Hoji Alimi
Chairman and CEO of Collidion Inc. and Plex Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
Ran Shifron
Ran Shifron
Industry Expert

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It is refreshing to find a quality forum that builds a bridge between medical professionals, decision makers in the Health Industry, and regular people like me. Thank you Simple Medicines for offering such a great platform to communicate and stay informed.

It is a pleasure to work with others in the medical field especially those involved in solving the worldwide diabetes crisis. If you would like to submit a review on your experience with the forum, please contact the team.

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