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    13 Great Reasons Why Smart Investors Will Drive You To Success


    Its reality: Developing medical devices today takes more time, more money and more clinical validation.

    The reason why many companies fail in getting to market is due to the shortfall in money or having short tempered investors who are not from the field and who do not understand the complexity of the medical device field and its associated time constants.

    Physicians, Industry Experts, Big Medical Device Companies, Dedicated Biotech Venture Capitalists, Angel Investors, Strategic Manufacturers are all SMART INVESTORS who know how much time, money and specific efforts need to be invested into getting a product onto the global markets. Most of them have gone the route you are taking and have a varied network of people who can help, they truly become your strategic partners.

    Here are the thirteen basic facts you should consider when looking at potential Investors:

    1. PATENTS: Smart investors value highly strong patent protection, they know how to assess your patents and patent strengths correctly and to compare it to your competitor patents. If not by themselves, they know where to go to get a complete unbiased opinion. They can also help you strengthen your IP portfolio. Having the correct Patent portfolio is the most critical point for any potential investor.

    2. REGULATORY APPROVALS: Correct, there are FDA & CE approvals but what about all the rest of the geographies. Smart investors know how to quantify correctly the potential markets and to help you prioritize your markets and point you in the right direction, utilize their knowledge from day one.

    3. REIMBURSEMENT: Without understanding the reimbursement landscape Smart investors will have a hard time investing their money into your company. The complexity of this is that reimbursement is a constant changing world in most of the geographies you will want to target your devices. Some countries are raising their reimbursement prices in order to provide an incentive for the development of more such devices and use in the country’s healthcare system. Smart investors have a network of contacts to help you get through the maze.

    4. UNMET NEEDS: In order to succeed you first need to answer an unmet need. The smart investors will know immediately if you indeed fit into this category. If not them then they will get their physicians to address this question and in record time. Purify the unmet need pitch with the smart investors. As this will help you along in future investment raises.

    5. BUSINESS MODEL: Creating the correct business model is key to your success. Device/Consumables/Pay per use and more are avenues to consider along with your strategic investors. They have the insight and what should work.

    6. DISTRIBUTION CHANNELS: Smart investors can help guide you in the right direction and give you clear cut selection criteria when choosing your distribution channels. Listen to them as those recommendations come with a lot of experience. Whether it’s Distributors, OEM’s, Licensing, Joint Ventures, and anything in between.

    7. MARKETS: Prioritizing your markets is critical and should be done early on, utilizing your smart investors’ wisdom and their contacts wisdom is key to coming out with a winning strategy.

    8. COMPETITION: Having competition is a good thing as it makes your life easier to penetrate the market, but you have to know your competitors and what they do very well. Utilizing the smart investors and their network they can help you get all the pertinent information even before you get to the marketplace to get you prepared in advance.

    9. STRONG MANAGEMENT TEAM: It’s all about the people – Smart Investors know how to evaluate the management team you have construed and can give you added value in adding additional members to the team and/or your advisory board.

    10. STRONG ADVISORY BOARD: The advisory board is there to help guide you and give you feedback along the way – the smart investors can help you put together the correct advisory and scientific advisory boards for your company.

    11. STRONG TECHNOLOGY: Doing everything correctly does not mean you can do away with strong technology – it has to be superior. Your smart investors will cherish your technology and help drive it and spread the word if they believe in it.

    12. CLINICAL VALUE PROPOSITION: All medical devices get sold on the basis of what is the clinical value proposition. You must do pre and post clinical studies to prove that proposition, and to publish studies done with the device. Look for guidance on this from your strategic partner and your Scientific Advisory Board.

    13. PATIENCE: Selling a medical device in today’s world is not easy and everyone needs patience. The worst thing to have is impatient parties on your team. Strategic investors understand the need for penetrating devices through the clinical acceptance side and they can help you ease the tension of those who do not understand this.

    SMART INVESTORS are your key to success. You need to strive to get direct access to industry experts, big medical device companies, dedicated biotech angel investors, venture capitalists, angel investors and strategic manufacturers.

    We have experience in successfully preparing and guiding medical device and digital healthcare companies in seeking financing and connecting them to such Smart Investors in the USA, Europe and the Far East. Healthier Globe Industry professionals get you directly to the Industry experts, Big Medical Device Companies and, Angel Investors and dedicated Biotech Venture Capitalists. We are experts in building and managing medical device companies.

    Contact us to learn more on how we can help you succeed. I am reachable at:ran.shifron@healthierglobe.com or at What’sApp +972-54-688-0960

    p.s. In approaching smart investors, it is preferable to have at least a working prototype preferably with some clinical data proving your hypothesis.

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