SMP 005. Krishna Prasad – Diabetes/Insulin Production

Hoji is joined by Krishna Prasad to have a detailed and thoughtful conversation about diabetes and insulin prices. Can we have lower-priced insulin? How can we learn from how other countries manufacture insulin? Krishna heads the site Biological operations at M.J. Biopharm India, which develops and manufactures a range of injectable Diabetes products. We are […]

SMP 004. Microbiology Series (Part 1)

Part of a multi-series discussing the world of microbiology focused on the human immune system and its various defense mechanisms against disease-causing pathogens.

SMP 003. Dr. Akito Ohmura – ISO Technical Committees/COVID-19/Japanese Healthcare

Dr. Akito Ohmura joins Hoji to discuss how different healthcare systems operate, how countries tackle the Covid-19 pandemic, and how crucial technical ISO committees are to the global medical industry.

SMP 002. Dr. Tyler Southwell – Precision Medicine

Hoji and Dr. Southwell will be discussing genetically-designed medicinal solutions, BodySync, improvements in healthcare, and the importance of patient wellness to enhance disease prevention.

SMP 001. Intro Episode – Drug Discovery

In this episode, Hoji will be discussing the challenges entrepreneurs and scientists face when taking a drug from a back-of-a-napkin-idea to a multimillion-dollar company.